Positively Changing Lives of Incarcerated Men and Women

No one sets out in life with the goal of ending up in prison. Yet our correctional facilities are overflowing with men and women who have failed to achieve their God-given potential.

News video showing the effect of the Knights of the 21st Century program on the lives of inmates in Pennsylvania prisons.



Our present communities have failed to provide a safety net to catch young people before they spiral out of control and make many wrong choices. As a result, the reality around us is that our prisons are full of immature males and females, who don’t fully understand what it means to be an honorable man or woman. Every one of these prisoners needs to know that there is a God who loves and cares for them, and that life change is possible through a relationship with Him.

Servant’s Oasis is actively working to change the disheartening situation for inmates by providing Biblically-based study curriculums from Knights of the 21ST Century and Real Women of the 21ST Century to prisons. These DVD studies teach what it means to be a godly man and woman, and offer those taking part in the lessons the opportunity to break free from the self-destructive thinking and behaviors of their past as they work toward becoming the person God created and intended them to be.

The men and women who are locked in these facilities are in desperate need of the hope that can only be found in Christ. With the future as the focus, Knights and Real Women studies call inmates into true manhood and womanhood by:

  • Presenting them with a high view of what is expected of a man and woman.
  • Helping them find a reason to believe in their calling of self-value and nobility of action.
  • Identifying and listening to their inner voice, pointing the way to the changes required to become a man or woman.
  • Challenging them to accept responsibility and develop a new pattern of choices.
  • Assisting them in changing the viewpoint of their previous life experience from victim to decision maker.

These programs are designed to mentor males and females to true, noble manhood and womanhood so that whether or not they are released, they will positively contribute to their community, love their families wholly and be personally fulfilled.

Get Involved:

If you are currently involved with a prison ministry and would like more information about the Knights of the 21ST Century and/or Real Women of the 21ST Century curriculums, or are interested in leading one of these studies, contact Tami Weissert at tamiw@servantsoasis.org.

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