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Mentoring Boys Into Men

There is a big identity crisis among males regarding what a man is. There is no clear transition from childhood to manhood, and the culture has defined men simplistically. As a result, many fathers are relationally isolated and emotionally disconnected, leaving them at a loss for how to lead boys into manhood.

In this workshop, Adam Hultstrand, the Director of Ministry Outreach for LiveUp Resources, will address:

  • the culture’s attack on boys/males
  • the impact of biology on boys/males’ learning style
  • mentoring & educational principles to help boys develop into honorable men
  • concrete action steps parents can take in the developmental process

Servant’s Oasis has partnered with LiveUp Resources for this event to provide mentoring materials for adults looking to grow as mentors and for youth to guide them through the mentoring process. Through our partnership, we are able to distribute these materials to prison ministries, rescue missions, and other organizations around the globe. 

To learn more about the convention and to register, visit their website here

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