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Join us at Ignite for our workshop:

Building a Dynamic Men’s Ministry

This year, Ignite Men’s Ministry invited us back to present a workshop on Building a Dynamic Men’s Ministry. A strong men’s ministry is foundational to the church’s fulfillment of God’s great purpose for the world. As men’s ministry leaders create and sustain an effective men’s ministry program, countless men are empowered to change their lives and positively influence their families, communities and church body. This workshop is a step-by-step guide for building a strong, long-term men’s ministry that works.

The seminar covered:

  • The spiritual difficulties to following God’s call and be a men’s leader
  • Five areas all males struggle with and how to stay active in a strong men’s ministry
  • The spiritual battle men of God experience and to achieve victory with His help
  • The developmental phases of group interaction and how to deal with each one

The material used for this workshop was derived from Dr. Roy Smith’s book called Why Not Try to Hit the Real Target–Men. Dr. Smith is the Founder & President of Servant’s Oasis. He has written this book guides as a guide to developing an effective men’s ministry and overcoming the obstacles that are encountered along the way.

Servant’s Oasis has partnered with LiveUp Resources to provide growth-inspiring books and video resources for men, women, and children. Through our partnership, we are able to distribute these materials to those in prisons, rescue missions, and other organizations in order to begin a journey of life-long change. This year the LiveUp booth raised over $5000 to support servant leaders.

Ignite is a men’s ministry that hosts a 2-day event every year, providing dozens of workshops, exhibits, and activities for men. The topics for these workshops include ministry, sports, automotive, outdoor recreation, and more.

Servant's Oasis joining LiveUp Resources in their booth

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