what we offer

Servant’s Oasis has partnered with LiveUp Resources to provide Bible-based resources for men, women, and children. Our library of original material includes group studies, books, and videos for individuals and groups alike.


These programs are used by churches, prisons, missions, schools, and men’s and women’s groups to motivate men, women, and youth toward integrity. The result is people who hold each other to a higher standard, love their families as Christ would, and fight to change the world.

A portion of every purchase you make provides growth-inspiring materials to individuals and organizations in need. Our mission is to help as many people as possible live up to their God-given potential.

Empowering Change

Most of our rescue missions and correctional facilities are overflowing with men and women who have never realized their value. Their hopeless circumstances result from their failed attempts to achieve meaning and purpose without God. These aimless attempts are why we have partnered with LiveUp to distribute their resources to prison ministries and rescue missions across the country.

Using our resources, these organizations inspire men and women to realize their purpose, embrace responsibility, and contribute to their communities. The weekly lessons, combined with the group studies and workbooks, give each person the opportunity to grow beyond their circumstances and connect with their self-worth by learning:

  • How much potential they have
  • Why character is essential to their success
  • How to identify and follow their conscience
  • How to embrace responsibility

Watch this video to see how these materials are impacting others