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Welcome to the Servant’s Oasis Resource Page! Here, you’ll find valuable materials and information to support your journey in community and ministry leadership. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, guidance for your ministry, or resources to share with others, we have curated a collection that will inspire and equip you.


Dr. Roy Smith presenting at Servant's Oasis.

Citygate Conference Presentations 2024

We were honored to attend the Citygate annual conference, where leaders from around North America gathered to share their insights and experiences. Citygate Network, founded in 1906, is the oldest and largest community of independent, faith-based crisis shelters and life-transformation centers in North America.

With over 300 member organizations, Citygate Network plays a crucial role in moving people from human suffering to human flourishing through gospel-powered life transformation. The presentations at the conference covered a wide range of topics and provided valuable education, training, and resources. We are excited to share these insightful videos with you, helping to extend the impact of this transformative event.

The Power of the Collective: Engaging the Ecosystem for At-Risk Clients and Helpers

Counseling Training: “Act” on Change

How Helping Others Makes Us Stronger 

Attendees’ Feedback

LiveUp Resources

At Servant’s Oasis, we believe in the power of growth-inspiring materials. That’s why we have partnered with LiveUp Resources to provide you with a comprehensive catalog of books and video resources. LiveUp Resources is dedicated to helping individuals and ministries live up to their God-given potential.

Through their expanding library, LiveUp Resources offers content that addresses the daily struggles we all face, guiding us towards stronger relationships and deeper faith. Explore their catalog and discover materials that will encourage and uplift you on your journey.

Liveup Resources and Servant's Oasis booth at Citygate.