Volunteer With Us!

Volunteering at Servant’s Oasis offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a transformative environment dedicated to personal and communal growth. Our most pressing need is to restore and beautify our gardens, creating a serene haven for those who lead with servant hearts.

By contributing your time and energy to this project, you’ll play an essential role in shaping a space that fosters self-discovery and reflection. At Servant’s Oasis, we believe that nurturing our gardens mirrors the growth and renewal of servant-leaders themselves. Join us in this meaningful endeavor and be part of a community that values service, personal development, and the profound connection between nature and leadership.

Prayer house at Servant's Oasis.


  • Landscaping

    Gardening enthusiasts and landscaping professionals alike can help restore and maintain the extensive gardens that have been unattended for years.

  • Maintenance

    Volunteers help with building maintenance ranging from painting to minor repairs and renovations.

  • Housekeeping

    Keeping our facilities clean creates an environment, free from distraction, where guests can come and enjoy their visit.

  • Events

    Help our staff during events from setting up to tearing down and other tasks in between.

  • General Help

    Use your abilities in any number of ways from office-related tasks to giving tours and greeting guests.