Volunteers play a crucial role in our ministry as they use their abilities to share the love of Christ, support the servants we work with, and support our staff. We welcome any individuals or groups to join us who are committed to our mission of equipping, enriching, and empowering servant leaders. Our need for volunteers continues to grow as we expand our facilities and mission.

Servant-leaders aren’t just pastors, missionaries, counselors, teachers, and emergency personnel. They are men and women like you who want to leave a legacy of service and generosity to others. By partnering with key investors, appealing to mission-focused organizational groups, and providing quality programs, we can equip, enrich, and empower servant-leaders to rejuvenate their ministries. Join us in developing this retreat center for leaders to rest, refresh, and refuel their passion.



Gardening enthusiasts and landscaping professionals alike can help restore and maintain the extensive gardens that have been unattended for years.


Volunteers help with building maintenance ranging from painting to minor repairs and renovations.


Keeping our facilities clean creates an environment, free from distraction, where guests can come and enjoy their visit.


Help our staff during events from setting up to tearing down and other tasks in between.

General Help

Use your abilities in any number of ways from office-related tasks to giving tours and greeting guests.

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