The Point of Pride

As I started my Christian journey 40 years ago I was taught the sad story of the RICH YOUNG RULER and a professor said what kept him from experiencing salvation was his pride.  The professor said as we witness to be aware of the
POINT of PRIDE.  As the gospel is presented the lost person will have to decide to repent of what they believe and/or how they are behaving that is not in line with being a Christian.  

For some, it would be the unwillingness to repent of a false belief.  As the claims of Christ are presented they will find it hard to say what they have believed is wrong.  

For some, it would be the unwillingness to repent of a sinful behavior or behaviors.  As the claims of Christ are presented, they will find it hard to GIVE UP THEIR SINFUL LIFESTYLE.  

As I have witnessed over the years, I have unfortunately seen the
point of pride come to the forefront of the conversation.  Many times, it appeared with the statement “does this mean I can no longer….”  As I witnessed to a Muslim in Dallas he said he would like to ADD Jesus to his spiritual resume.  He explained to me that he could worship Mohammad and Jesus.  He felt his chances of getting to heaven would be better.  I told him you don’t add Jesus, you accept Jesus.  He then walked away.   I saw the point of pride.

With another person, it was their involvement in immorality.  They asked me if they would accept Jesus would they have to stop having sex outside of marriage?  I told him that would be a change one would expect from a Christian.  He said that he was not giving up sex for salvation and walked away.  I saw the point of pride.

Our verse for October 22 (10/22) tells how a man was more in love with earthly riches than storing up treasure in heaven.  Jesus had pinpointed the point of pride in him, and this man was unwilling to let Jesus be his focus and desire.   He just could not see giving up his possession to “take up the cross, and follow Jesus.”  Mark 10:21

Earlier in Mark Jesus asked a very haunting question, asking in Mark 8:36 “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”  What a question.  Yet so many would rather enjoy earthly pleasures and profit and lose their soul.  

I trust you have put your trust totally in Jesus for salvation.  He is the ONLY way!  He is the only one who did EVERYTHING that was needed to satisfy our Father in Heaven.  He died for your sins, was buried, and then ROSE AGAIN.  

As you now ponder on Mark 10:22 know that there will be in your witnessing the moment of decision and in some cases, the point of pride will come right to the front.  You will need to be honest that they don’t get to ADD Jesus or KEEP sinning.  

Verse to DATE the Word on October 22 (10/22) is Mark 10:22. Mark 10:22 says, “But he was sad at this word, and went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.”

Continue Strong knowing nothing on the earth is worth missing Jesus and the salvation He offers.

And remember to DATE the Word!

Dwayne Carson

Servant’s Oasis Board Member