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I’m Tami Weissert, President of Servant’s Oasis and the blogging voice of Powered by 4, a daily devotional Scripture blog (see below). My passion is walking alongside and helping people engage God’s Word, and Powered by 4 is about just that–giving you opportunities to receive, reflect on, and respond to Scripture. Each day you’ll find a short passage as well as thoughts, challenges and application questions for you to think about and respond to. I invite you to join me in this endeavor as we interact and learn from God’s Word together.

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Unusual Way

Today’s reading: Genesis 41:37-57 Joseph couldn’t have imagined, nor would he have chosen, the unusual, painful and lengthy path God used to move him from being his father’s favorite son in the land of Canaan to Pharaoh’s highest and most... read more

Glory Giving

Today’s reading: Genesis 40:1-23 One of the things I love about Joseph is his diligence to highlight and give God the glory when he was brought into the spotlight because of the things he was able to do. Joseph was a slave in a foreign country with its own... read more