Capital Campaign

all the latest updates for the retreat center in Harrisburg, PA

The Plan:

Our primary objective is to renovate and develop the existing 50-acres to host training seminars, workshops, and events. Our next objective is to expand our facilities to provide overnight accommodations, dining options, and recreational amenities for our guests. Immediate efforts have been made to restore the existing structures and landscaping.

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Help us create a peaceful retreat for ministers, missionaries, and other servant leaders to rest, refresh, and refuel. Hundreds of people will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and refresh in a relaxing environment suited for personal and professional growth.

aerial view of gardens

Phase 1: Renovate




Theater Room

This room, located inside the main house, will be used as a small group meeting space year-round.

  • Paint walls
  • Replace flooring
  • Remove built-ins
  • Cover water feature
  • Provide ADA accessibility

Utilize space to host seminars, workshops, and ministry events for smaller groups (up to 40 people)


This building will be used as a meeting space when the weather is moderate.

  • Remove existing concrete fixtures
  • Replace the screens with windows
  • Rewire the electrical
  • Repair boards on landing
  • Paint the exterior

Utilize space to host seminars, workshops, and ministry events for larger groups (up to 150 people).

Agape Gardens

We will address several projects while providing continual maintenance to preserve the beauty of these gardens.

  • Pressure wash & paint the walls
  • Implement weed prevention
  • Remove dying shrubs
  • Repurpose flowers & shrubs
  • Mulch several key flower beds
  • Trim the hedges
  • Renovate the bathrooms

Provide a serene and interactive experience for events and personal reflection


We will address repairs and maintenance needed to preserve this building.

  • Repair the ceiling
  • Remove broken fixtures
  • Paint the walls

Provide a secluded space to be used as a chapel and for quiet reflection.

Additional Projects

This section addresses miscellaneous projects that will keep the facility presentable and practical.

  • Remove water feature behind the main house to provide additional outdoor space
  • Chip all brush and yard waste
  • Address drainage issues behind the house
  • Furnish the house

Create a distraction-free environment for guests to enjoy, and maintain a clean facility. 

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