Today’s reading: Genesis 24:10-28

I was drawn to the example of Abraham’s servant as he sets out on his journey to find a wife for Isaac. Immediately upon his arrival to Nahor, he prays and asks God to give him success in his mission for Abraham’s sake. Then, his prayer turns quite specific when he asks God to have the “right” woman respond with certain words and in a certain way.

The example of Abraham’s servant–his mindset, attitude, approach and response–is one we would do well to follow. He had witnessed God’s provision to Abraham for many years, so he doesn’t hesitate to lay before God exactly what he needs. His prayer is one I would describe as an expectant prayer because he is fully expecting God to move on behalf of Abraham and in so doing, answer his prayer request. I especially like how specific this man is with God which shows a comfortableness with God and that he trusts Him. And then, when God answers his request, the servant’s immediate response is to thank God and worship Him for His faithfulness and steadfast love and provision.

Is it your practice to lay your requests before God each morning? When you pray, how specific are you with your requests? And if you’re not consistently talking with God about the intimate details of your life, why is that? Do you respond with thanks and worship to answered prayers? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog