Today’s reading: Proverbs 3:5-8

Proverbs 3 is one of my favorite chapters of Proverbs because of the way the entire chapter lays out and depicts what our relationship with God should look like. Verses 5-8, and particularly verses 5-6, are quoted often as guidelines for having a good and healthy relationship with God. As I took in this stanza, the words “In all your ways acknowledge him” in verse 6 drew my attention. Sadly, the social climate in our country is becoming less and less tolerant of anything to do with God or standing up for godly principles. So the instruction to acknowledge God in all our ways is likely one that will challenge and stretch those who have placed their faith in Christ as we live in and engage with a society that seems determined to turn away from God.

So here are a couple of questions for us to consider. Am I willing to proclaim, like Paul, that “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ” (see Romans 1:16; Philippians 1:20)? Am I willing to take a stand and speak up for what God says is right, even if it brings ridicule or unfair treatment? What does acknowledging God in all your ways mean and look like for your life? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog