Our Mission

Jesus tells us that to serve Him, we must serve others (Matt. 25:35-40). However, the reality is that only a handful of people are actually fully dedicating their lives to such service—those are our servant-leaders, the ones on the frontlines of ministry. No matter what their role is, their willingness to sacrificially give of themselves is what makes the difference. However, if the servants are the ones meeting the majority of the human needs in the world, who’s meeting the needs of the servants?

Such a calling requires hard work, and a servant’s own needs are often overlooked as they overfunction. Their service can begin to undermine their quiet walk with Jesus, creating an imbalance between “doing” for God and “being” with God. If left to continue, this imbalance can lead to significant moral failures. Even the most dedicated servants can become willing to destroy all they have positively accomplished out of a desperate attempt to inappropriately meet their basic needs.

Jesus could have taught more, healed more, and spent more time with those who needed Him. Instead, He regularly took time alone to talk to His Father—just as we want to encourage servants to do (Luke 4:42). While a servant’s ability to turn inward will strengthen them to serve more effectively, doing so isn’t always easy in the busyness off life. Servant’s Oasis offers the quietness and peace needed for such honest introspection. Here, servants can set aside the constant movement, stress, and achievement of life and reengage with the power source that makes us who we really are.

By literally walking through a garden, servants can begin their journey of strengthening their own spiritual walk. As God uses others to embody His presence in one’s life, this garden walk embodies God’s presence and allows us to commune with Him in the deepest areas of life.

The Transition

As you enter through the gates of Agape Gardens, stop and prepare yourself for the spiritual experience ahead. Leave any to-do lists, concerns, challenges, routines, or obligations behind, and open yourself up to God’s unexpected, miraculous nature. This transition point should direct you from an outer focus to an inner focus and lessen the constant noise within you. Sit quietly here. Wait upon the Lord, the Great I Am and our Heavenly Father. Reintroduce yourself to Him to bridge the gap that has widened between you. Ask Him to help your unbelief, and accept your need for a strength greater than your own. Let Jesus’s “Our Father” become your “Our Father” (Matt. 6:9-13).