Today’s reading: Nehemiah 5:1-13

Nehemiah’s primary purpose for returning to Jerusalem is the rebuilding of the wall around the city. And Nehemiah is certainly focused on this task and diligent about completing it. But because Nehemiah is a good leader, he is also attentive to other conditions in Jerusalem that need to be addressed and corrected.

So when he learns of how some of the wealthy and prominent Jews (nobles and officials) are financially oppressing the less fortunate among them, Nehemiah knows he must take action. So he gathers his thoughts and then confronts the offending nobles and officials face-to-face. Not an easy task, but one he does well. When Nehemiah comes before this powerful group of leaders, he is composed and speaks plainly. He presents them with the facts of their unjust behavior and then challenges and directs these men to correct the oppression by halting the charging of interest and returning all property that had been taken to the rightful owners.

God moved the hearts of these powerful men through Nehemiah. They responded, “‘We will restore these and require nothing from them. We will do as you say.'”…’And all the assembly said “Amen” and praised the LORD. And the people did as they had promised'” (vs. 12-13).

When you’re focused on an important task, how attentive are you to other matters that may need addressing? Why is this important as a leader? What helps you avoid “tunnel vision” as you are working for and serving God? What’s one lesson you saw or learned about confrontation from today’s passage? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog