Today’s reading: Genesis 44:14-34

A large portion of Genesis 44 focuses on Judah, and what a different person we see here than what we first saw of him earlier in Genesis when he joined with his brothers against Joseph. Now with the clock fast forwarded twenty years, the fact that God has worked in Judah’s life is evident from the picture we see of a mature and responsible man. Here are some of the things I noticed about Judah:

  • He had developed into a man of his word. He told his father he would take responsibility for Benjamin, and he did, even at the expense of his own well-being.
  • He no longer allowed his emotions and jealousy to dictate his thinking and actions. There was no evidence of jealousy toward Benjamin even though Jacob clearly favored him as he did Joseph.
  • Judah’s primary concern was Jacob’s well-being. He wanted to protect and please Jacob.
  • The overall good of his family was of utmost importance to Judah.
  • Judah courageously stepped up to engage Joseph, facing the troubling situation concerning Benjamin head on. And, he was willing to take responsibility for something he did not do in order to protect his youngest brother.

Think back over the past few years. In what areas and/or ways have you changed and developed? Now look back ten or even twenty years. How has God used and worked through your life experiences, both good and bad, to shape, grow and develop you? Tami

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