Today’s reading: Colossians 1:24-29 (NLT)

Paul writes of his responsibility to serve the body of Christ by teaching the “entire message” of Jesus (vs. 25). While most of us aren’t in paid, full-time ministry as a preacher, teacher, or minister, as followers of Christ (“the church”), each of us still has a responsibility to proclaim the message of God’s love through Christ to anyone and everyone. As such, verse 28 applies to us just as it did to Paul and the disciples.

“So we tell others about Christ, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all the wisdom God has given us. We want to present them to God, perfect in their relationship to Christ” (NLT).

Do you consider yourself a “church worker”? When’s the last time you talked with someone outside of your immediate family about Jesus and how much God loves them? Will you join me in being intentional about looking for people to talk to about Jesus this week and going forward? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog