Contrasting Confidence

Today’s reading: 2 Kings 19:8-19

Despite being pulled away to engage in warfare in other lands, Sennacherib doesn’t let up on his harassing of Hezekiah. In his pride and arrogance he sends a letter to Hezekiah in which he mocks God and Hezekiah for trusting in Him. Sennacherib’s strategy, however, doesn’t work. Rather than moving Hezekiah to surrender, Hezekiah immediately and without hesitation prays to God. His prayer is heartfelt and provides us with a good example for approaching God in times of distress. After recognizing God for who He is and what He has done, Hezekiah then lays out the problem (both verbally and the actual letter) before God. He surrenders the entire situation to Him as he humbly asks God to move and save the people of Jerusalem.

What about Hezekiah’s actions or prayer stood out to you most, and why? Do you have a circumstance or situation that

Source: Tami’s Blog