Today’s reading: Joshua 22:10-34

After receiving Joshua’s message, the eastern tribes set off for their homeland. Upon reaching the region of the Jordan, they build “an altar of imposing size” (vs. 10). When word of the altar reaches the western tribes, they immediately jump to the conclusion that the altar was erected because of an improper or sinful motivation. Angered by what they believe the eastern tribes have done, they rally together in preparation for war.

Thankfully, however, before engaging in warfare, a group of delegated leaders from the western tribes confront and question their relatives in the eastern tribes about their actions. And through this crucial communication, it is discovered that the intent of their relatives was not to turn from God but instead to build altar of witness to God to function as a reminder for generations to come.

The absolute importance of communication stood out clearly to me as I took in today’s passage. Verbal communicating is so crucial for each of us, yet we often try to avoid it or give it little to no thought. The eastern tribes were well intentioned in their construction of a memorial altar. But apparently they didn’t give any thought to the need for verbal communication to their relatives about their actions. This oversight of a crucial communication almost caused a war between family tribes.

The importance of communication wasn’t overlooked by the western tribes. They got it right. They understood that when conflict arises, communication between the opposing parties is vital in resolving the conflict.

Do you tend to think of verbal communication as crucial or more as a task you’d rather avoid? What’s one thing you noticed about communicating from today’s passage? Are there any people with whom or any areas in which you need to increase your verbal communication? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog