Today’s reading: Judges 12:1-7

Jephthah’s woes continue as we turn to Judges 12. Shortly after his victory over the Ammonites, the men of Ephraim (fellow Israelites) angrily confront Jephthah. They’re upset to the point that they plan to kill him (“We will burn your house over you with fire,” vs. 1) because Jephthah defeated the Ammonites without them. (Seriously?)

The Ephraimites had a pride problem. They thought quite highly of themselves and acted foolishly as a result. Instead of offering thanks to Jephthah for helping Israel, they’re ticked off (in a huge way) simply because they aren’t in the spotlight receiving the glory for the victory. They are more concerned with themselves than the overall good and safe state of Israel. The Ephraimites are jealous, and their anger is unwarranted. Jephthah stands his ground, pointing out that what the Epraimites are claiming isn’t factual (he had asked them for help and they declined), and the situation deteriorates from there. Fighting between the two tribes ensues, and at the end of this sad day, 42,000 men of Ephraim have been slain–all brought about by pride.

Identify a time when you gave in to pride. How did your pride influence your thinking and actions? In what area(s) are you most vulnerable to prideful thinking? What’s one thing that helps you keep prideful feelings, thoughts and actions in check? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog