Today’s reading: Philippians 1:1-11

Since we’ve spent the last few weeks in the Old Testament, I thought it would be a nice change up for us to now spend a couple of weeks in the New Testament, taking an in-depth look at Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. This is a book I turn to often for instruction and encouragement. And speaking of encouragement, that’s our focus today as we begin our trek through Philippians.

Paul is someone I would call a total encourager. But what makes his encouraging message in this letter even more impressive is that Paul is writing from prison. Even so, there’s not even a hint of discouragement about his situation. Paul’s demeanor is joyful, pleasant and positive. His focus is on lifting up, inspiring and helping his friends in Philippi stay the course for Christ.

An important part of being in the body of Christ is encouraging, reinforcing and lifting up other believers. I love it when I receive a text, email or a handwritten note from someone from my Bible study group or church family letting me know that they’re praying for me, or that something I’ve done has encouraged or helped them. Those simple acts impact me in a huge way. They confirm my living for Christ, but more importantly, they motivate me to keep at it.

I’m issuing what I’m calling an “Encouragement Challenge” for us this week. Will you join me in committing to build up other Christ followers on a daily basis? Who can you encourage today, and how will you go about it? The goal is for each of us be an encourager to at least one person every day, starting today and continuing for the next six days. Have fun with this. Encouraging others will encourage you as well! Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog