Today’s reading: 2 Chronicles 30:1-27

King Hezekiah was a man committed to following God and doing right, and his heart was for the people under his leadership to do the same. So once he gets things in order in Jerusalem, he takes action, sending out a heartfelt decree throughout the land for all to come to Jerusalem to take part in Passover so that the people can also turn to, and get right with, God. However, Hezekiah’s appeal to the people wasn’t embraced by all. Some chose to mock his command, while others humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem (vs. 10-11).

Hezekiah was certainly a strong witness for God, and what an example he provides for us. We are all called to demonstrate God’s love to those around us, and commanded to tell others about Christ and salvation–regardless of the outcome.

How does your life reflect that you are a believer in, and following, God? Who do you know that needs to meet Jesus? How will you share God’s message of love with them this week? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog