Today’s reading: Genesis 12:10-20

One of the quickest ways we can get off track spiritually is to let fear penetrate our minds. If we don’t nip fearful thoughts (and the feelings that accompany them) in the bud, they will immediately grow like a weed, taking root to push out good, right and wise thinking. Fear is a focus changer. Instead of keeping our eyes on God and His faithfulness, it turns our focus inward, consuming our thoughts with what might happen and how we, not God, can control our circumstances.

Fear got the best of Abram as he, Sarai and his family members encountered extreme and difficult circumstances while they were following God’s directive to move to a new land. Abram allowed fear for his life (via famine and by the hands of the Egyptians) to take root in his mind. And as he focused on himself rather than consulting with God, he made unwise decisions which led him to act sinfully before God, his wife and family and the Egyptians.

When you’ve allowed fear to flood your thinking, how has it impacted your focus, and in turn, your relationship with God and decision-making? Is there something that has you fearful today? Will you turn it over to God and trust Him to carry your through your situation? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog