Focused On, Following and Delighting In

Today’s reading: Nehemiah 8:13-18

As we finish out Nehemiah 8, God’s Word continues to be the central focus of the people. After spending the first gathering day listening as a large group to the reading of God’s Law (vs. 1-8), the heads of households then spend the following day, together with the priests and Levites and Ezra, studying the words of the Law. As they dig in to God’s written Law, they discover the command God had given Moses to have a Feast of Booths, a celebratory feast that had fallen by the wayside over the years. The people immediately respond by carrying out this Feast. Ezra continues to read God’s Law to the people each of the days of the feast, and as the people take in God’s Word and carry out His commands for the feast, “there was very great rejoicing” (vs. 17).

What does this passage reveal about the importance of being in and knowing God’s Word? What does it show about the joy and delight we can have when we are obedient to follow the instruction we find in the Bible? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog