Today’s reading: Philemon 8-21

If you’re a basketball fan, or have some knowledge of the sport at all, you’re likely familiar with the term “full-court press.” This phrase describes how the team who is not in possession of the ball applies defensive pressure on the opposing team from the moment they take possession of the ball until possession changes, either through a turnover or a score.

“Full-court press” is the phrase that popped into my mind as I considered Paul’s letter to Philemon. While the situation is not a game environment, Paul is applying steady and constant pressure on Philemon to do what Paul believes is the correct thing with regard to Onesimus. He draws on his relationship with Philemon, personally and as a fellow believer, to lovingly and persuasively prompt him to take the right action.

What’s one lesson about dealing with conflict or a challenging situation that you learned from Paul’s communication with Philemon? How important is our tone when we engage in difficult interactions? What about our demeanor when we’re talking with someone face-to-face? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog