Today’s reading: Matthew 1:18-25

Joseph was one amazing man! Even though we aren’t told much about Jesus’s earthly father, Joseph, the few details we’re given coupled with what we can infer actually reveal quite a bit. The scriptures tell us point blank that Joseph was “a just man” (good, moral, upright) and that he was considerate of Mary–even without knowing she was carrying the Son of God. And when Joseph heard from God through a dream, he obediently did as he was instructed.

Upon learning of Mary’s pregnancy, Joseph found himself facing a highly unpleasant and certainly unwanted situation. Yet instead of responding to the gamut of emotions that he was probably experiencing (think about it–anger, hurt, depression, anxiety, frustration), Joseph responded with wisdom.

He kept his emotions in check, which allowed him to contemplate the situation and determine the best outcome, for not only himself, but for Mary. Then after Joseph receives instruction from God to go through with the marriage, he changes his plans and does exactly as directed–despite the disapproval, ridicule and scorn that would undoubtedly come from family, friends and community members.

What’s one lesson that stood out to you from Joseph’s example, and why? What does Joseph’s example show about the importance of taking time to think before responding to an unsettling or unpleasant situation? What did this passage reveal to you about God and His ways? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog