Today’s reading: Genesis 32:1-2

It was my intention this morning for us to read Genesis 32:1-21, but immediately my attention was drawn to verses 1-2 and Jacob’s proclamation of “This is God’s camp.” So today, we’re reading and considering just two verses.

I can’t say that I’ve visibly encountered angels of God, but I have had a number of experiences where in a certain place and at a certain time, I got an overwhelming sense of God’s presence paired with an unmistakable feeling or impression of affirmation, encouragement and support which conveyed the message “stay the course” and provided me with a needed boost of strength. These “This is God’s camp” experiences have prompted me to pause in that moment to recognize God and thank Him for His care, assurance and confirmation.

Take a few minutes today to identify some of your own “This is God’s camp” experiences. When has God mightily revealed Himself to you–letting you know that He sees exactly what’s taking place and that He is guiding, protecting and walking with you? How did you respond? What impact have these experiences had on you? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog