Today’s reading: Psalm 119:1-8

I am a lover of the Bible, which is why I find myself turning to Psalm 119 often. Because it’s all about God’s Word. This lengthy chapter (it’s actually the longest chapter in the Bible with 176 verses) is filled with encouragement and instruction to take in God’s Word and then put it into action in our everyday lives.

The first stanza of Psalm 119, titled Aleph, sets the tone for this chapter. Every single verse focuses on God’s Word and our living according to it. In my Bible, I’ve circled the words used in each verse that represent God’s Word.

  • Verse 1: law of the Lord
  • Verse 2: his testimonies
  • Verse 3: his ways
  • Verse 4: your precepts
  • Verse 5: your statutes
  • Verse 6: your commandments
  • Verse 7: your righteous rule
  • Verse 8: your statutes

The message I came away with from this opening stanza of Psalm 119: God’s Word must be the foundation for my life!

Identify what stood out to you the most about God’s Word from Psalm 119:1-8. Based on this stanza, what are the benefits of knowing and keeping God’s commandments? What does this passage reveal about our need to read and study the Bible? Tami

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