Today’s reading: Acts 10:24-48

Prior to Peter’s encounter with Cornelius, the apostles’ preaching about Jesus had only been directed toward the Jews. So Peter’s communicating the Gospel message to Cornelius and his friends (all non-Jews) was a significant shift from the norm. And what an incredible change, because from this point forward, the preaching of the Gospel message is now being delivered far and wide to all people. As a non-Jew, I love this passage reading about the immediate impact it had on Cornelius and his friends. I am grateful for how the salvation message has transformed the lives of millions of people since Cornelius, and continues with each passing day.

What did God impress on your heart from Acts 10 and the account of Cornelius? What do Peter’s words in verse 43, “that everyone who believes in [Jesus] receives forgiveness of sins through his name,” show you about God and His love for you? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog