Today’s reading: Genesis 4:1-26

Life as they knew it changed drastically for Adam and Eve after sinning against God. But while Adam and Eve changed, God did not. His love for them remained steady and strong. So with God watching over and protecting them, we come to Genesis 4 God where Adam and Eve are living, working the land and starting their family with the gift of their first sons, Cain and Abel.

As Cain and Abel grow, Cain chooses to work the land as a farmer and Abel elects to be a shepherd. All seems well, but the sin that was birthed through Adam and Eve is now actively in the world. We see it in this text through the offering Cain made which was not pleasing to God, Cain’s murder of Abel and then Cain’s disrespectful and unrepentant attitude after the fact. As with Adam and Eve, God disciplines Cain, but His love remains steady and strong.

What did God’s interactions with Cain reveal to you about God–What He desires from us? How He watches over us? His discipline? His steady love for us? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog