Today’s reading: 2 Samuel 14:21-15:12

The broken relationship between David and Absalom is heartbreaking, and it turns even more tragic and painful as time goes on.

After David allows for Absalom to return to Jerusalem, Absalom longs for a renewed relationship with his father. And while David loves Absalom and agrees to see him, when the two men finally come face-to-face neither step up to initiate reconciliation. Instead it’s a tense, awkward meeting where father nor son are willing to put aside their pride. So rather than serving to repair and restore this precious relationship, the meeting actually broadens the division between them. Absalom’s frustration and anger are fueled by David’s cool demeanor and reception. So much so that in the days that follow, Absalom plots, schemes and puts into action a plan to overthrow David as king.

What does this account reveal about how pride can damage and hinder relationships? How is pride presently (or how has pride been) a barrier to reconciliation in one or more of your relationships? If you are harboring frustration, resentment or bitterness toward someone today, what’s one thing you can do to initiate reconciliation? (And remember, it may be working on your attitude and heart condition first before reaching out to the other person.) Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog