Today’s reading: Genesis 24:13-35

I love the example Jesus provides for us as He comes alongside Cleopas and his companion on the road to Emmaus. Jesus’ followers don’t understand what took place with Jesus just a few days earlier. They’re confused, sad and disheartened (just like we are many times when things don’t happen as we planned or unexpected hardship or tragedy occurs). So what does Jesus do? He starts by engaging the two men in conversation, asking them questions and listening to their concerns. And as He interacts with them, Jesus is kind and compassionate. But what stood out most to me was Jesus’ “let me help you understand” approach. Jesus took extra care with these men, explaining and talking through many things. He gave of His time, even continuing the conversation into dinner to ensure that Cleopas and his friend truly understood the things that had happened to Him and what they had just experienced.

It’s an example we should strive to follow. We need to be alert and looking for opportunities to talk with others about God, Jesus and Scripture, particularly other Christians–encouraging them, helping them grow, maybe even moving into a mentor role with them. It’s pretty cool when you think about it–Christians helping, supporting and encouraging each other to grow closer to Christ.

Do you look for opportunities to encourage and help others have a better understanding of God’s Word? Why is this important? Are you willing to give of your time to help others grow closer to Christ? Tami


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Source: Tami’s Blog