Today’s reading: Genesis 46:28-47:12

From the time Joseph was sold into slavery until he was reunited with his family in Egypt over 20 years later, his life was filled with trials and difficulty. Joseph couldn’t see at the time (looking forward) what God was doing through his life circumstances. But when we reach Genesis 46 and 47, we can see clearly, and so could Joseph (in reverse), how God used every difficulty for Joseph’s and his families ultimate good.

Testing, trials and difficulty are all part of God’s plan for our lives. They’re necessary. I know this, yet I struggle with it because I’d rather be given the easy road. But if I’m honest, if God had simply given me the easy road, I wouldn’t be where I’m at spiritually today. I can say without a doubt as I look back over my life, that the most beneficial times of learning and growing were the direct result of periods of trial and affliction. I’m able to see clearly (in reverse) how God used those difficult times to move me out of certain situations (physically, emotionally and spiritually), to provide me with an experience that I would need in order to help me or someone else in the future, and to draw me deeper into His Word and closer to Him.

How does seeing in reverse that God used a trial for your overall good, help you cope when you encounter another difficult situation or season? How has a past trial or difficulty led to your spiritual growth? What impact has Joseph’s story had on your perspective about trials and hardships? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog