Today’s reading: 2 Samuel 21:1-14

Today’s passage, 2 Samuel 21:1-14, is a difficult one. What takes place seems extremely harsh and, honestly, it doesn’t make sense to me, even after doing some commentary research. So I’m not going to try to explain the whys of David’s actions in this situation, realizing that there are going to be elements of God’s plan and things that I read in the Bible that I do not fully understand. That isn’t to say that I won’t have a better understanding the next time I read this passage (since God reveals more and more to us as we continue to take in His Word), but for today we’re going to look at and consider David’s initial response to the famine Israel was experiencing.

What did come across clearly from this passage was David’s example of seeking God’s direction–something he did regularly. After experiencing famine conditions for three years, a period that has now gone beyond a typical cycle of drought, David discerns that the situation may be from God. So we see him seeking God and asking him for direction, “David inquired of the LORD” (VS. 1). God answers David’s inquiry, and true to form, David takes action following God’s prompting.

How often do you seek God’s direction (do you inquire of Him) as you navigate life? Why is it important to inquire of God regularly–in all circumstances? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog