Today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 11:1-4

Solomon instructs those who have resources (financial and/or material) to be openhanded in helping others. And he not only instructs us to be giving, but to be extra generous in our giving, according to the needs we see around us. “Give a portion to seven, or even to eight…” vs.2).

The instruction to help others absolutely resonates with me. Being able to give of my time and/or money when I see a need, is something that brings me joy. And as I have grown in my relationship with God, He has impressed this principle on my heart more and more. There are so many people around us that need help. But all too often, we’re so focused on the details of our lives that we overlook and miss out on daily opportunities to show God’s love to others. God is pleased when we are openhanded and charitable with what He has generously given to us. I like to think that every generous and loving act we extend to others brings a smile to His face.

Would you describe yourself as a generous and helping person? What are your thoughts on Solomon’s directive “to give a portion to seven, or even to eight”? Will you join me in being intentional about reaching out to help someone this week? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog