Today’s reading: Genesis 49:1-33

Genesis 49 is a key scripture passage in that it lays out the foundation of the twelve tribes of Israel and is filled with prophecy that will come to fruition throughout the rest of the Bible. In this chapter we see Jacob’s last words to his family. His insightful and powerful messages are unique to each of the specific sons, addressing past actions and consequences and then providing vision and direction for what was to come.

But in addition to the specific instruction to each son, the overall experience also served to provide the sons (and now us) with lessons on parenting and leadership. One of the prominent lessons I noticed was how Jacob wisely orchestrated and then used this final gathering for the benefit of his whole family. Instead of individually summoning and addressing his sons, which would have provided lessons and instructions to each son privately, Jacob calls an open session family meeting. This is important because as he then speaks candidly with each of his sons, the others also get the benefit of hearing about, and in turn learning from, their brothers’ mistakes and sins and the resulting consequences.

What lesson(s) about parenting and/or leadership stood out to you from Genesis 49, and why? What do Jacob’s words to his sons reveal about our choices and resulting consequences? Tami

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