Today’s reading: Ruth 1-4

No matter what I’m reading in my Bible (a real life account like Ruth, Old Testament laws, genealogies, instructions on living for Christ, etc.), my approach is to ask myself “What is it from this particular verse, passage, chapter or Book that I can learn? What is it that God wants me to see and grasp from what I’ve read today?” I’m a firm believer that every word contained in the Bible is important for us to take in and process, and even if we don’t feel like we understand it well or fully, if we’re obedient to read His Word, God will reveal truth and lessons for living to us.

So before moving on to another Book, let’s look back at the Book of Ruth and think about what truth and lessons God revealed to each of us. The big lesson for me was actually a reminder that I need over and over again–that God is bigger than my circumstances, that His plan (which includes His timing) is best for my life and that I must trust fully in Him, regardless of how I might feel at the moment.

What’s one truth or lesson that God impressed on your heart from the Book of Ruth? What encouraged you the most from the account of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz? What did this story reveal to you about God? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog