Today’s reading: Acts 16:1-15

Luke does an excellent job of documenting the travels and adventures of the apostles as they carry out the work of spreading the Gospel message. As we move into Acts 16, Paul and those with him, are covering quite a bit of ground. And because of Luke’s attention to detail, the text is rich with facts, examples and lessons for us. A couple of things that I took note of were: how teamwork was of utmost importance as the apostles served God, and how women were involved and played an important role in the spread of the Gospel. But above all the details and activity, what stood out to me most was this consistent thread–the apostles were looking for, listening to and then obedient in their response to God’s various promptings and direction.

What helps you stay in tune and in step with God’s will and direction? How important are prayer, reading your Bible, spending time with Christian friends, belonging to and attending church? Is asking God to guide and direct your thoughts and actions a regular part of your prayers? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog