Today’s reading: Genesis 46:1-27

After adjusting to the shocking news that Joseph is alive and is ruling over Egypt, Jacob gathers together all of his family and possessions and starts the journey to Egypt. On the way, he stops and offers sacrifices to God at Beersheba, and as God had done several times before, He responds to Israel (Jacob) through a dream. You see, God knows that even though Israel is eager to see Joseph, he is still feeling unsettled and fearful about moving his family and possessions to Egypt. So in response to Israel’s worship, God lovingly reassures him about the move by telling him not to be afraid, reaffirming His prior promise of making Jacob into a great nation, and then telling Israel that He would be with him up and until he takes his final breath.

What stood out to you most about God from this passage, and why? How has God shown himself to be a loving Father to you? Tami

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