Today’s reading: Judges 11:1-11

Jephthah was looked down upon, considered a “lowlife” and run out of town by his half-brothers. But when the situation in his homeland takes a turn for the worse, the elders of Gilead (who didn’t care one bit about Jephthah previously) change their tune. They know they are facing a dangerous and life-threatening situation and that they need help. So they reach out to Jephthah because they know that he is tough and a fighter, and they believe he is their only hope of defeating the Ammonites. That turns out to be a good move because Jephthah was not only a mighty warrior, he was also a follower and respecter of God.

What does the account of Jephthah reveal about how God views, uses and works through people? Do you believe God can use you in a powerful way? What encouragement did you draw from today’s passage? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog