Today’s reading: Acts 21:37-22:29; Psalm 121:2-3

After being beaten by a Jewish mob and then pulled from the mob by the Romans, you might expect Paul to be relieved about his arrest and the opportunity to get away from his attackers. But that mindset doesn’t fit Paul. Immediately upon his arrest, he wants to reengage with his angry brothers. So he convinces his Roman overseer to let him address the Jewish mob that has risen up against him. Standing on the steps, still bound in chains, Paul turns toward the angry crowd. Speaking in their native tongue of Hebrew, he proceeds to confidently and boldly convey his testimony–how he was an educated Jew (a Pharisee) and had once been devoted to persecuting Christ-followers, but then had a life-altering encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus and was now devoted to being a witness for God spreading the message of salvation to all.

As I read through this account, a number of scriptures from the psalms about being able to stand firm and not be moved when we encounter trials popped into my mind (see Psalm 121:2-3, Psalm 125:1; Psalm 55:22, Psalm 21:7). When God is our foundation and we choose to trust fully in Him, we can stand strong regardless of our circumstances. Thank you, God!

What circumstances are you dealing with right now? How does reading your Bible and then considering how you can put what you’ve read into practice help you “not be moved”? What role does talking with God play in helping you stay the course regardless of your circumstances? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog