Today’s reading: Genesis 20:1-18

Even when we’re living rightly, there will be times when we’re put in a bad situation by a poor or sinful choice of someone around us–in this case, the sinful choice of Abraham.

After following and trusting God through thick and thin for many years, Abraham stumbles. He lets his fear get the best of him when he and Sarah, along with workers, servants and family move to the country of Gerar. When they arrive, rather than leaning on God to guide and protect him Abraham takes matters into his own hands and lies to king Abimelech, telling him that Sarah is his sister. (This is actually the second time Abraham, driven by fear, tells this lie about Sarah. See Genesis 12:10-20.) Abraham’s sinful action creates a terrible and morally wrong situation for Sarah, his precious wife, and king Abimelech, who is in the dark about Abraham’s and Sarah’s true relationship. But thankfully, God intervenes to right the recipe for disaster Abraham has put in place.

What lesson(s) did you see or learn from Genesis 20 about sin? What did this passage (and Genesis 10:10-20) show you about fear? What stood out to you about God from this account? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog