Today’s reading: Acts 6:8-15

When we’re serving the Lord and working to further His kingdom, more likely than not, we will encounter some form of opposition–even to the point of severe persecution. That’s precisely what we see taking place with Stephen, one of the seven men chosen to help with administration of the early church. His dedicated service to God doesn’t sit well with a number of “religious” leaders and groups, and the result is open disagreement that quickly disintegrates to treacherous scheming, and as we’ll see in the next few days, Stephen’s murder at the hands of his opponents.

What does this passage reveal about being a Christ-follower? Based on this account, how would you describe the relationship between having faith in God and being empowered by God? How has God helped you stand strong when you’ve encountered challenges or opposition because of your stand for Christ? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog