Today’s reading: John 12:9-26

Jesus and the miracles He was performing were creating quite a stir among the people, both Jews and Gentiles. He had become the phenomenon of the day. So with intrigue, the masses seek out, marvel after and temporarily praise Jesus, but not because He was the Son of God.

As I read John 12:9-26 today, the actions of the people at large–seeking after Jesus because He was the latest phenomenon or sensation–really stood out to me. Not much has changed in a couple thousand years.

This passage served as a good reminder to be cautious about following the crowd, especially when it comes to giving our support and approval to people, trends and the beliefs that accompany them.

What’s influencing your thoughts and actions today? How do you keep God and His Word your primary guide as you navigate life? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog