Today’s reading: Genesis 37:1-4

As wise and good a man as Jacob (Israel) had developed into, he wasn’t perfect. Just like you and me, he had his shortcomings and we see one of those shortcomings as we now turn to the storyline of Joseph in Genesis 37.

Israel had sons with several wives, but he didn’t love all of his sons to the same degree. Verse 3 tells us that Israel loved Joseph, the son of his favored wife Rebekah, more than his other sons. And his special love and favoritism were evident (making Joseph a special multi-colored robe). As you can imagine, Joseph’s preferential treatment didn’t sit well with his brothers. In fact, it caused them to hate him.

What do these few verses reveal about the dangers of playing favorites–as a parent, teacher, leader, boss? How do you deal with, and what helps you control, feelings of anger and/or jealousy when you aren’t treated the same as someone else? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog