Today’s reading: 2 Kings 12:1-21; 2 Chronicles 24:1-27

When we start a new job, take on a new task, or begin a new course in school, our expectation is that our performance will improve as we learn about what we’re doing, and become wiser, more efficient, and more discerning. Unfortunately that’s not what we see with king Joash. We actually see the opposite. When he takes the throne of Judah as a young boy under the guidance and mentoring of Jehoiada, he does quite well. His aim is to honor and serve God, and he does exactly that for a good period of time. But as Jehoiada ages and then dies, Joash chooses to turn away from following God. As a result, he and the people of Judah suffer serious consequences.

Based on this look at the life of Joash, why is it important to have godly mentors and friends as we navigate life? Do you have one or more Christian friends who you can call when you need a listening ear and/or some counsel? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog