Today’s reading: Genesis 9:18-29

As part of his “new normal” life, Noah chooses to become a farmer who grows and harvests grapes and then makes wine from his grape crop. Genesis 9:21 tells us that at some point, Noah gets drunk and lays naked in his tent. His youngest son, Ham, comes in and sees him. Rather than covering his father and doing what he can to help, Ham leaves and then proceeds to tell his two brothers what he has just witnessed. Shem and Japheth then take action. They enter Noah’s tent to cover him up, taking care not to look at and be disrespectful to their drunk and naked father.

Two lessons stood out to me from this incident. The first lesson was the commandment that God would formally issue to Moses years later—honor your parents. Ham was disrespectful to Noah while his two older brothers honored him with their actions.

The other lesson I took away from this account has to do with helping others who have given in to temptation. For whatever reason, Noah made the decision to consume the wine he produced from his vineyards in excess, and as a result, he lost control of his senses, which led to him sinning. His two oldest sons serve as a wonderful example of coming alongside to help someone who has stumbled or is actively sinning. Upon learning about their father’s poor choice and condition, they respectfully and lovingly help him get back on his feet, literally and spiritually.

Has anyone ever helped you get back on track? Who do you know (a family member, a neighbor, a church friend or a coworker) who is in need of a helping hand, a listening ear, a word of encouragement or direction? How can you be a modern day Shem or Japheth to someone in need today? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog