Today’s reading: Joshua 24:1-28

As we come to the close of the book of Joshua, Joshua gathers together all the tribes of Israel. Speaking on behalf of God, he reminds the Israelites of exactly how God has chosen, looked over, guided, protected, and provided for them, beginning with the fathers of Abraham and continuing forward to the time in which the Israelites are now living. It isn’t a long speech, but it provides a powerful reinforcing reminder of God’s greatness and His tremendous love and care for the Israelites. Joshua then declares before the people his commitment to serving God and only God and challenges them to do the same. Everyone responds that they want to serve God, and so Joshua makes a covenant with them along with statutes and rules for them to live by going forward.

Do you regularly recall and give thanks for the things God’s has done for you (watching over, guiding, protecting, providing, loving, and caring for you)? How important is it for you and especially for the next generation that you remember and acknowledge God’s past faithfulness and workings in your life? What impact does taking time to remember who God is and what He has done have on your attitude and outlook? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog