Today’s reading: 2 Chronicles 34:8-21; 2 Kings 23:

At 24 years of age and after being on the throne of Judah for 18 years, Josiah turns to repairing the house of the Lord. As work is being done on the temple, Hilkiah the priest finds the Book of the Law of the Lord that was given through Moses and brings it to Josiah. Josiah immediately has the Book read to him, and how he responds is telling. As he hears God’s Word for the first time, his heart (that is already given to God) is convicted and broken. In hearing the truth of God’s Word, he understands God more fully and, in turn, how the people have sinned against God so terribly.

What a beautiful picture of reverence for God’s Law and a heart that is surrendered to, and yearning for, God.

How would you describe your thinking about God’s Word? Do you approach the Bible with a sense of reverence and awe? Do you ever take having easy access to God’s Word for granted? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog