Today’s reading: Genesis 31:1-16

Sometimes we find ourselves negatively targeted by others and on the short end of the stick when all we’ve been doing is doing our best to live rightly for God. I’ve experienced this a number of times. It’s hurtful and it can be difficult to navigate.

As God continues to show His favor to Jacob by enlarging his family and possessions, it irritates Laban and his sons, and verse 2 tells us that “Laban did not regard him [Jacob] with favor as before.” So Jacob finds himself in a difficult predicament even though he has done nothing wrong to contribute to the situation. He knows he needs to take action, but rather than simply reacting to the situation based on his feelings and emotions, he listens to God and relies on His leading.

What does this account reveal about encountering difficulties when we choose to live rightly and serve God? How do you tend to respond to problematic people (especially when a difficult situation hasn’t been created by you)? When someone treats you unfairly, what helps you respond in a different manner? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog