Today’s reading: Joshua 5:10-12

Verses 10-12 in Joshua 5 serve as transition verses that give us a glimpse at the Israelites after crossing the Jordan but before taking the city of Jericho. Although brief, these verses contain a clear picture of God’s provision over many years. The Israelites celebrated Passover, looking back and remembering how God had delivered them out of captivity in Egypt, followed by the new normal of eating from the land instead of eating the manna God had been providing in the desert.

How often do you think about and recognize God when it comes to the details of your life? Do you see His hand when you receive help from a neighbor or friend? When you get a special price on something you need to purchase? When you leave the house behind schedule only to discover later that your delay kept you out of an accident zone? Take a few minutes and think about how God has provided for you over the past weeks and years. Then, tell Him thank you. Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog