Today’s reading: Joshua 8:1-29

Round two with the city of Ai brings a very different outcome than the first time the Israelites attacked. With God now at the helm and Israel’s focus completely on Him, Ai is thoroughly defeated. And not only are the Israelites victorious, God also gives them the livestock and spoils of the city as plunder for themselves (vs. 2). What a contrast between this attack–with God directing and leading–and the first attack where Joshua and the people moved without seeking God’s input and direction and were relying on their own strength.

What does the second attack of Ai show about God’s forgiving nature, His great love for us as His children, His incredible provision when we choose to wholeheartedly follow Him? What impact does having a “clean slate” with God (no unconfessed sin) have on our attitude, motivation and service? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog