Today’s reading: Psalm 63:1-11

Whenever I read Psalm 63 (which is often because it’s a favorite for me) it prompts me to do a little soul searching. As I progress through this song verse by verse, I ask myself questions based on the descriptive way David is telling God that he needs and loves Him. Here are a few examples of the questions I might ask myself:

  • Am I earnestly seeking God?
  • Does the phrase ‘my soul thirsts for you’ describe how I feel about God?
  • Are my lips praising God? And, when do my lips praise God?
  • Do I believe that God’s love is better than life?
  • Am I satisfied in God alone?
  • Am I clinging to God to uphold me?

Working through the verses in this manner is helpful because it reminds me just how much I need God, and it reveals to me the state of my relationship with God at the moment. I always come away from a reading of Psalm 63 encouraged and motivated to draw closer to Him.

Will you join me in working through Psalm 63 asking yourself questions based on the text? I’d love to hear if you had a particular question that spoke to, and moved, your heart. Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog